1. WINTER PRUNING. Several types of trees do best when pruned in the winter, but looking after your fruit trees will be especially beneficial as this can enable a better harvest.

2. MAKE A FOOD PRESERVATION LIST. It’s easy to fall into the trap of planting things now, then wondering how to preserve your produce later. Making a plan will help you to plant what you actually want to eat.

3. LANDSCAPE PLANNING. Whether you want to put in a pumpkin patch, a perennial flower bed, or switch things up in your kitchen garden, doing your research now will help you to stay on track once the garden season heats up.

4. SEEDS PURCHASES. If you haven’t looked through your seeds yet, taking inventory now will have you prepared for indoor sowing (we’re so close to being 12 weeks before the last frost date!), and also will ensure that the seeds you want are available.

5. CREATE A PLANTING CALENDAR OR KEEP YOUR SEEDS BUNDLED BY PLANTING DATES. Separate your seed packets into piles of the different planting times whether it’s direct-sown after last frost, indoor-sown 8-12 weeks before last frost, or any time in-between. Rubber band the grouped packets together and tuck a note in the front with the planting date. All you need to do is grab the appropriate bundle once you reach the planting date.

6. MAKE YOUR GARDEN SHOPPING LIST. Take a look at your tools and supplies. Make a list and purchase early so you’re prepared.

We hope our list is helpful! If you need more assistance, we’re here to help.

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